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Introducing Activ-Air Technology 

The exciting new  Activ-Air technology system provides a breath of fresh air for our  commercial and domestic clients !!


With 90% of our time spent at home in the office or at a school we take for granted that the air we breath is clean and pollutant free;

This is not always the case; inpurities in the air we breath at our homes and work spaces

Can lead to health related Issues.

We call these inpurities VOCs "Volatile organic compounds"


VOCs are dangerous to health and are emitted into our air by people, pets, cleaning products carpets, paints and varnishes and furiture.


So you've heard of  Formaldeyhde ?

Formaldeyhde is the most important of all VOCs !! 

A chemical that is used to make many household products, but it is also common in the natural environment and is produced in small amounts by most living organisms

There is a natural level of this VOC in the air but increased activity may lead to higher concentration levels in the home or at the workplace 


Short term exposure to this  VOC can cause;

  • headaches
  • Nausia
  • Lack of concentration  
  • Eye Irritation 
  • breathing Problems 
  • Fatigue 

Long term exposure to higher concentrated levels of formaldeyhde can lead to serious or fatal life threatening illnesses.


With the ground breaking Activ-Air technology we can significantly reduce the amount of VOCs in your livling or working space. Activ-air quite simply absorbs all the VOCs built up in your environment and trapsthem into its matrix whilst turning it into a non volatile compound. 

Activ-Air is proven to make the air upto 70% cleaner and is guaranteed to work for upto 50 years !! Whats more is that it has a zero risk of re-emission durning the recycling proccess.


Activ-air is available in Wall boards Soundbloc, duraline, Rigidur H , gyptone ceiling tiles and Thistle plaster in the new  "Pure Finish" product.

This means we can provide this technology in any environment, office or home !!


A cleaner Air Ultimately means a happier environemnt; what are you waiting for ?


For more information on this breathtaking new system the price range and our availability  please contact our friendly team today...



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