Our Professional services 

As commercial and domestic plastering contractors we have a solution for every project 

We provide a whole range of applications from traditional to modern

  • Monocouche to Traditional Sand and cement Renders
  • Lime plaster to Activ air technology wall finishes 
  • Reed and Horse Hair heritage repairs to Magnetic plaster walls 

The list goes on and the possibilities are endless...


At Whole Hog plastering we simply understand our Industry...The supply and demand and How time means money, That is why we work closely with our clients from the very start creating a bespoke tailor made solution for each and every requirement.





" The Whole Hog "

Cant see anything your looking for on our list ? Call a memeber of our friendly team today we are always happy to help and will always have a solution at hand 

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Looking for an exciting career opportunity in the construction Industry ?  Apprentices and experienced trades people always required 

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Domestic & Commercial Plastering Experts for the Northamptonshire - Kettering areas. Whole hog has a reputation for producing professional plastering services. Our portfolio includes private, residential & public properties. Please call us today for a friendly quote.

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